Since 2006 the Perfumery and cosmetic factory "Viantic International" Ltd. is the producer of perfumery, cosmetics and dishwashing liquids under the brand “VIANTIC”.

For 10 years we produce perfumery, cosmetics and dishwashing liquids for you and your house at accessible prices.

Combination of the modern equipment, skilled workers and raw materials from worldwide known manufacturers guarantees quality of our products.

Our factory is generally focused on the local market and on export to the international markets.

We have a huge potential in production of perfumery, cosmetics and dishwashing liquids. Now more than 70% of made products are exported to the markets of Romania, Ukraine and Bulgaria, another 30% are sold on the local Moldavian market.

At present our range of products includes: eau de cologne, perfumed lotions, liquid for varnish removal with essential oils (without acetone), shampoo (with extract of natural herbs and oils, for men, for babies, for dry and fragil hair, for oily hair and dandruff shampoo), baby oil, massage oil, active suntan oil, liquid for ware washing, liquid soap, liquid crem-soap, shower gel, fabric softener, liquid for car windshield (winter, summer). Our production has certificates from Ministry of Health, Public Health Epidemic Service and Moldavian Standard Service, that proves correspondence of its quality to the international standards.

Factory offers you the contract manufacturing services for your own Brand / Private Label and packaging of perfumery and cosmetic final products. We have possibility to make bottles from polyethylene and from a plastic proforma (PET), and also, we make caps for these bottles, that allows us to produce high-quality perfumery and cosmetic products at affordable prices!


Dear friends!

We have recently launched our page on facebook.com in order to familiarize you with our products, tell you about interesting historical facts and trends in the world of perfumery, cosmetics and detergents, as well as to share with you only the best beauty and health recipes!

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